Alaska Hot Springs

Discover the best hot springs in Alaska!

If you’re looking for a holiday full of natural beauty, rich culture, and spectacular scenery, then Alaska should be the top holiday destination on your list.

Full of glistering glaciers, beautiful hot springs, and the wonderous Northern Lights, Alaska is a country of absolute splendor.

Surprisingly, Alaska is home to 79 hot springs. To warm you from the snowy chill of the country’s weather, Alaska’s hot springs are a popular destination for those looking for adventure, a simple soak or wanting to benefit from the natural minerals.

With such a variety of hot springs to choose from, it’s important to know what you want out of your hot spring journey.

Do you want to embark on a hiking adventure to be met by a relaxing hot spring afterward? Or do you want to skip the adventures altogether and completely relax in one of Alaska’s hot spring resorts?

Either way, you can find what you’re after as the country has three main types of hot springs: natural locations, classic resorts and community hubs.

Our 8 Favorite Hot Springs in Alaska

Now that you have more of a feel about what Alaska can offer, here are our favorite hot springs that are dotted around the country.

Chena Hot Springs, Fairbanks

One of the most popular hot spring destinations in Alaska, Chena Hot Springs Resort offers a day pass for those wanting a day to soak in the 106°F waters. If you’re looking for a relaxing hot springs destination with a scenic drive and a pleasant pool, then Chena Hot Springs is perfect.

Chena Springs is also Alaska’s first hot springs to have a geothermal energy plant. Have a read about this project here.

Manley & Tolovana, Fairbanks

Located just northwest of Fairbanks, Manley & Tolovana Hot Springs are surrounded by remarkable scenery.

Soak in the warm waters amongst hibiscus flowers and exotic fruit, all of which are located inside a greenhouse.

Pilgrim Hot Springs

Situated in Nome, Pilgrim Hot Springs has recently been listed on the National Register of Historic Places, highlighting its special and rich heritage and beautifully hot thermal bath.

Tenakee & White Sulphur Springs, Southeast Alaska

Built in 1900, Tenakee Hot Springs has been lovingly restored and invites visitors to soak in the 105°F waters.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and health-induced experience, then this destination is the one to visit. It’s also free to use, which is an added bonus, but a donation is kindly welcomed.

Goddard Hot Springs

If you’re looking for an exciting trip to reach your hot spring destination, then Goddard is the place for you.

You’ll have to catch a chartered boat or floatplane to reach these hot springs, which adds to the thrill and adventure of your journey. 

Chief Shakes Hot Springs, Wrangell

A local favorite in Wrangell, Chief Shakes Hot Springs offers sheltered and unsheltered tubs.

If you want to stay inside or soak amongst the stars, then Chief Shakes is the perfect destination. Other facilities also include outhouses, benches, and dressing rooms.

Baranof Warm Springs

If you want a hot springs visit that combines stunning forest and hot thermal waters, then Baranof Warm Springs will not disappoint.

The springs themselves are surrounded by breathtaking waterfalls. What makes this trip even more worthwhile is the boat or floatplane that you’ll have to get to reach this spectacular destination.

Serpentine Hot Springs

Located in the stunning Bering Land Bridge National Preserve, Serpentine Hot Springs is known for its spiritual healing and rich heritage.

Eskimo shamans and native healers have frequented these hot springs for centuries, soaking up the sacred waters in this mystic land.

Natural Hot Springs

Firstly, you cannot get more rustic than planning your trip to a natural hot spring. If you’re seeking an adventure before your dip, then visiting a more primitive type of hot spring is for you.

These hot springs offer the most authentic and natural experience, which includes hikes, treks and snowmobiling, depending on which hot spring you decide to visit. On your way, you will see Alaska’s natural wonders, including the wilderness, glaciers, and mountains.

As these natural hot springs can be quite difficult to find, a local guide is recommended. Once you arrive to take a well-earned dip into the thermal waters, it will feel like you’re the only ones there – the peace and quiet really are worth the trek.

The areas themselves are simple – you’ll find little or no amenities around. Some hot springs consist of natural pools and some are tubs with piping. Some springs are so rustic that you may need to carry buckets of water into the tubs as piping isn’t included.

So, depending on how adventurous you want to be, a natural hot spring will tick all the boxes for those who are looking for a challenge before immersing into the warm thermal mineral waters.


If you’re after a more extravagant, luxurious break, then an Alaskan resort will definitely meet your expectations. There are many hot spring resorts to choose from in the country, all offering lavish pools and high-end accommodation.

If you’re wanting to stay in a more developed and vacation-style area, then a resort is the best option. Whilst they are more crowded than the natural hot springs, you won’t have to trek miles to enjoy a dip in the thermal waters.

Alongside the hot springs, many resorts offer an array of activities, including yoga, spas and trips to see the stunning Northern Lights.

What’s more, if you’re just wanting a day to treat yourself, then many resorts offer a day pass.

Community Hubs

One of the more cultured options, visiting a community hot spring offers a chance to interact with the locals in an area that is less touristic.

These areas are also found in less developed areas, similar to the natural springs. However, you will find more tourists and locals visiting the hot springs as they are easier to get to and offer more facilities.

Amenities include outhouses, well-maintained pools and sleeping areas. You may have the option of camping or renting a lodge, depending on the community hot spring you choose to visit.

What’s more, whilst you may not have to hike to visit the hot spring, you may have to catch a boat or a seaplane.

Overall, community hubs are a fantastic place to visit if you’re wanting to get away from the city without being completely isolated.

So, if you’re a wild adventurer or someone looking to relax amongst the natural wonders of this beautiful country, then a vacation in the Alaskan hot springs is for you.