Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Steamboat, Colorado

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In the heart of the Colorado Rockies, Strawberry Park Hot Springs is a natural geothermal oasis that promises a rejuvenating escape from the daily grind.

Tucked away just outside of Steamboat Springs, this hidden gem offers a serene and unspoiled experience for those seeking relaxation and connection with nature.

With a range of mineral-rich pools set against a backdrop of lush forests, Strawberry Park Hot Springs beckons visitors to unwind in its soothing waters year-round.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a couple seeking a tranquil retreat, or simply someone in need of a peaceful soak, this destination is your ticket to tranquility in the Colorado wilderness.

This guide’ll delve into what makes Strawberry Park Hot Springs a must-visit destination, how to get there, and what you can expect from your visit.

About Strawberry Park Hot Springs

The hot springs at Strawberry Park offer a range of temperatures in their various pools. The water typically varies between approximately 100°F (38°C) to 105°F (41°C).

This temperature range allows visitors to find the perfect level of warmth to suit their preferences for relaxation and comfort.

These geothermal springs are known for their high mineral content, which includes calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. The minerals are believed to have therapeutic properties, making your soak relaxing and potentially beneficial for your skin and overall well-being.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs has a rich history dating back to the early 1900s. Native American tribes initially used the springs for their purported healing properties.

Later, in the early 20th century, they gained popularity as a therapeutic destination for miners and local residents. Today, they continue to attract visitors seeking the same rejuvenating experience in a serene, natural setting.

Over the years, Strawberry Park Hot Springs has been developed to offer a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The pools are lined with rock formations, creating a rustic and harmonious blend with the surrounding forest. The management maintains the pools and facilities, ensuring a clean and welcoming atmosphere for all visitors.

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Entry to the Hot Springs

Here’s some information about the entry, costs, limitations, and opening times at Strawberry Park Hot Springs:

Entry and Costs:

  • Admission Fees: The admission fees for Strawberry Park Hot Springs typically varied based on the time of year and day of the week. Prices are usually around $20 per adult. Children and seniors often received reduced rates, and there may have been discounts for evening visits.
  • Cash Only: It’s important to note that Strawberry Park Hot Springs often accepted cash only for admission, so be sure to have cash on hand – NO CREDIT CARDS!

Limitations and Considerations:

  • 4WD and Snow Tires/Chains (Nov 1st – May 1st): As previously mentioned, from November 1st to May 1st (per Routt County Law), visitors are typically required to have a four-wheel drive vehicle with snow tires or chains to access the hot springs due to potential snowy and icy road conditions.
  • 2-hour Limit: Each reservation is technically allocated for a 2-hour visit. However, I was there recently, and this wasn’t enforced at all. It’s important to note that you cannot exit the springs and return later in the same day, as reservations are valid for a single, one-time visit.

Opening Times:

  • Year-Round Operation: Strawberry Park Hot Springs generally operates year-round, allowing visitors to enjoy the springs in every season.
  • Daytime Hours: The hot springs are typically open during the daytime hours, providing a peaceful and natural experience amidst the forested surroundings.
  • Nighttime Soaking: As mentioned earlier, one of the unique and enchanting aspects of Strawberry Park Hot Springs is that it remains open after dark. This nighttime soaking experience is especially popular during colder months when visitors can relax under the stars.

Reservations Recommended:

  • Advisable: Due to its popularity, it’s highly advisable to make reservations in advance, especially if you plan to visit during weekends or peak seasons. Pool reservations become available 25-30 days in advance.

Location & Visiting

Strawberry Park Hot Springs is situated just outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, within the stunning Rocky Mountains. More specifically, it’s located approximately 7 miles (11 kilometers) to the north of Steamboat Springs. To ensure your safe arrival, it’s essential to be aware of the following information:

Important Note: Keep in mind that from November 1st to May 1st (in accordance with local Routt County Law), all visitors are required to have a four-wheel drive vehicle equipped with snow tires or chains.

This requirement ensures safe and reliable access to the hot springs during periods of potential winter weather challenges.

Activities Beyond the Springs

Strawberry Park Hot Springs offers several amenities to enhance your visit and make it more comfortable:

  1. Changing Rooms: The facility provides changing rooms for visitors to freshen up before and after their soak. These rooms are equipped with basic amenities to help you transition between your hot springs experience and the outside world.
  2. Restrooms: Clean and well-maintained restrooms are available on-site for your convenience.
  3. Massage Services: Depending on the season and availability, Strawberry Park Hot Springs may offer massage services to enhance your relaxation experience. This is an excellent way to complement your soak in the natural hot springs.
  4. Snacks and Refreshments: There might be a small snack bar or vending machines where you can purchase light refreshments and beverages. However, it’s a good idea to bring your own snacks and drinks, especially if you plan on spending an extended amount of time at the hot springs.
  5. Gift Shop: Some hot springs destinations have gift shops that sell souvenirs, local crafts, or bath products. You can explore the shop to find unique items to remember your visit by.
  6. Yoga and Wellness Classes: At certain times, Strawberry Park Hot Springs may offer yoga and wellness classes amidst the natural beauty of the area. Check their website or contact them for information on any scheduled classes or events.
  7. Private Soaking Tubs: In addition to the main pools, Strawberry Park Hot Springs may offer private soaking tubs for a more intimate and secluded experience. These tubs are often available for an additional fee.
  8. Event Space: Some visitors choose Strawberry Park Hot Springs as a venue for special occasions, such as weddings or gatherings. The hot springs can provide event space for private celebrations and group bookings.

Strawberry Park Hot Springs After Dark

There are a couple of things to know if you’re planning a visit after dark:

Clothing-Optional: After dark, Strawberry Park Hot Springs has a clothing-optional policy, adding a unique element of freedom and relaxation. You can choose whether to soak au naturel or not, respecting everyone’s preferences, of course.

Adults-Only Ambiance After Dark: Once the sun sets and the night sky unfolds, Strawberry Park Hot Springs adopts an adults-only atmosphere. This policy is in place to ensure that visitors seeking a serene and tranquil experience can fully enjoy the relaxation and ambiance without any disruptions.


Address: 44200 Co Rd 36, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487, United States
Phone: (970) 879-0342