Hot Springs Near Las Vegas

Las Vegas is best known for its bright lights, casinos, world-class entertainment and nightlife. With its reputation for fine dining and lavish hotels, many often forget about the natural beauties surrounding the busy city.

Particularly, there are a number of beautiful and paradisaic hot springs near Las Vegas.

Hot springs are known for their naturally rejuvenating qualities. By simply soaking in the water, there are many health benefits for both mind and body.

A Few Fun Facts about Hot Springs

  • They boost blood circulation
  • They reduce stress, helping you to relax and sleep
  • The minerals in the water help to relieve pain
  • The high silica content in the springs can heal the skin of dryness
  • The sulphur is medicinal for your skin

Whilst there are hundreds of hot springs in the whole of Nevada, the hot springs in southern Nevada really are truly remarkable.

Here are 5 of the best hot springs near Las Vegas.

Spencer Hot Springs

One of the most popular hot springs near Las Vegas, Spencer Hot Springs is a popular destination with locals and visitors. However, due to its isolated location and 5-hour drive from the city, these hot springs still offer privacy.

Comprising of a cluster of geothermal hot springs, these steaming springs heat up to between 90 – 105°F. It becomes extremely hot near the source, which is covered with a metal fence.

The man-made pools are fed by hot water, which flows down a shallow channel. Collected by a metal pipe, the water then fills the pools, offering a warm temperature. The water can be cooled down by controlling the gate valve.

Moreover, these springs are publicly owned, so they can be visited whenever, for free.  Free camping is also allowed, as long as the campsite is more than 100 feet away from the hot springs themselves.

Address: Spencer Hot Springs, Nevada 89310, United States
Distance from Las Vegas: 5 hours / 326 miles

Gold Strike Hot Springs

Located just 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas, Gold Strike Hot Springs are located on the Colorado River, near Boulder City.

The trek to get to the springs itself is a challenge. This consists of hiking, bouldering, and climbing. There are also ropes provided for trickier parts; these help to descend further towards the springs’ destination.

Alternatively, they can also be reached with kayak down the Colorado River.

Bounded by canyons and waterfalls, Gold Strike Hot Springs is surrounded by pristine landscapes.

There are three springs to visit, with the third being the warmest. However, it is not recommended to visit during the summer months due to temperatures reaching over 100°F.

Address: Gold Strike Hot Springs, Boulder City, Nevada 89005, United States
Distance from Las Vegas: 37 minutes / 38 miles

Fish Lake Hot Springs

Located around four hours outside of Las Vegas, Fish Lake Hot Springs is known for its natural beauty. Surrounded by rugged mountains and rich wildlife, this hot spring is a popular destination for travellers.  

Furthermore, visitors are free to camp and use the area. There are also fire pits, barbecue grills and other amenities nearby.

Originally a well that was created in the 19th Century, this cement tub-like spring is now used as a relaxing and peaceful location. A pump hose is used to fill the spring with mineral water, pumping out geothermal water that reaches 105°F.

Once the tub overflows, this excess water flows into the large pond downstream. This pond is full of wildlife, so the flowing motion of the water ensures that the water is cooled before entering. Not only is the hot spring open to the public, but people can also swim in the pond to cool down.

Due to this constant overflowing of water, the water is kept clear and clean through this natural process. The tub itself is very large, and up to 7 people can fit in at the same time.

Address: Fish Lake Hot Springs, Dyer, Nevada 89010, United States
Distance from Las Vegas: 3 hours 55 minutes / 250 miles

Arizona Hot Springs

One of the closest hot springs to Las Vegas, Arizona Hot Springs is located near the Colorado River, like that of Gold Strike Hot Springs.

Similar to Gold Strike, Arizona Hot Springs can be reached by either hiking or kayaking. However, it isn’t as difficult as Gold Springs, and is just 3 miles. If hiking the loop, this is a 5.8 mile round trip, which will take around 6-7 hours.

These springs are hidden inside a colorful slot canyon, where the water flows down the rocks to reach the pools. These springs are unique in that they are surrounded by colourful volcanic rock of lavender, pink and orange.

There are 4 springs altogether, with the first being the hottest as it’s closest to the source – temperatures range up to 110°F. As the trail descends towards the other pools, the water becomes cooler.

Whilst this isn’t as popular as other springs, there is one trek near Hoover Dam, which consists of a 20-foot waterfall, cascades and multiple hot pools. This trek also offers a variety of landscapes, including deserts, ravines and waters.

To reach the spring itself, a ladder is provided next to the waterfall. 

Address: Arizona Hot Springs, Arizona 86445, United States
Distance from Las Vegas: 35 minutes / 42 miles

Ash Springs

With just a 90 minute drive from Las Vegas, Ash Springs Hot Springs is located in the Mojave Desert of the Pahranagat Valley.

Shaded by trees, the hot springs are warm and pleasant, with temperatures reaching up to 95°F.

These springs were closed in 2013 due to safety reasons by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Whilst there have been efforts to reopen the site, nobody has since been allowed back in the water. Read more about this here.

Address: Ash Springs, Nevada 89001, United States
Distance from Las Vegas: 90 minutes / 107 miles

 Spencer Hot SpringsGold Strike Hot SpringsFish Lake Hot SpringsArizona Hot SpringsAsh Springs
Proximity to Las Vegas5 hours 2 minutes37 minutes3 hours 55 minutes35 minutes90 minutes
FeesFree to public$25 per vehicle for 7 daysFree to publicFree to publicNot open to public
DifficultyEasyChallengingEasyMedium- ChallengingEasy

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there natural hot springs in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is surrounded by a variety of beautiful hot springs.

What is the closest hot springs in Las Vegas?

The closest hot springs to Las Vegas is Arizona Hot Springs. It’s just a 35 minute drive away and is a quick 3 mile trek to the springs themselves.

Does Nevada have natural hot springs?

Nevada has over 300 natural hot springs. It has so many, that this State has the most hot springs in the USA.

It’s clear that Las Vegas is full of beautifully natural hot springs. Each hot spring offers its own unique characteristic.

Whether it includes a challenging trek or offers pristine landscapes, every hot spring differs from one another.