Utah Hot Springs

Discover the best hot springs in Utah!

Utah is a state that is not often at the top of many people’s travel lists, but today, we are here to change your mind.

Hidden amongst Utah’s beautiful, mountainous landscape are some gorgeous hot springs that you need to visit, especially if you are an avid hot spring enthusiast. The natural landscape of Utah is the perfect backdrop for you to sit back and relax in a soothing hot spring.

Since Utah gets a lot of snow, it adds a whole new level of enjoyment to their hot springs. What could be better than soaking in a hot mineral spring surrounded by an idyllic snowy landscape?

In this guide, we are going to explore five of the best hot springs in Utah and provide you with a complete list of every hot spring in the state for you to enjoy.

5 Best Hot Springs in Utah

Like many western states, there are plenty of hot springs in Utah though the quantity is less than in some neighboring states like Nevada, Arizona, and Colorado.

The hot springs are spread from north to south down the middle of the state, so no matter where you are in Utah, there will likely be a hot spring nearby. The natural landscape of red rock canyons, snowy mountains, and open plains make this state the perfect location for enjoying some stunning natural hot springs.

If you are in Salt Lake City, there are two hot springs nearby, Inlet Park Hot Springs and Homestead Crater Hot Springs, that you can easily plan a day trip to visit to escape the city.

Now, let’s look at our five favorite hot springs in Utah:

Mystic Hot Springs

Mystic Hot Springs is a breathtaking location in southern Utah that is a must-see if you want a unique hot springs experience.

Formerly known as Monroe Hot Springs, this hot spring spa uses the area’s stunning natural beauty and harnesses it to create the most aesthetically pleasing and calming hot spring encounter possible.

This site was initially used by the Ute tribe, but it was renovated and opened as the spa we know today in 1995.

There are two main types of soaking available; the larger soaking pools and the individual mineral hot tubs. All the mineral water at Mystic Hot Springs sits between 99 F-110 F.

The large soaking pools are well-known because of their stunning red rock setting with a waterfall that feeds the pool with fresh water. This pool can be enjoyed by multiple people at a time and are the perfect depth to relax and soak in the warm mineral water.

However, if you want a more private soak, you can make use of one of the individual vintage bathtubs that function as hot tubs. These are dotted across the property and embedded in the red rock face as if they grew there themselves. Each hot tub shows off a different view of the surrounding landscape so you can truly appreciate the beauty of Utah.

We recommend taking advantage of the spa in between soaks, where you can receive massages, hypnotherapy, and breathwork coaching.

If you want to stay on-site, camping and RV sites are available, as well as cabins to rent. However, our favorite accommodation option is the renovated busses because they are so unique and well-finished.

Fifth Water Hot Springs

Also known as Diamond Fork Hot Springs, Fifth Water Hot Springs is an outstandingly beautiful hot spring known for the incredible waterfall that fills its pools. They are the perfect example of a stunning primitive hot spring that is worth the effort to get to.

The hot springs are made up of a series of pools that meander pleasingly down the hill. The pools are surrounded by large rocks and boulders, creating the waterfall at the top of the hot springs. The turquoise water sits at around 100 F, but the closer you are to the waterfall, the hotter the water will be.

This spot is open all year round, but we recommend visiting in the winter so you can experience the beauty of soaking in a steaming hot spring while surrounded by a winter wonderland.

To reach Fifth Water, you will need to drive down a small section of dirt road to the trailhead. From there, it is just a short hike to the hot springs. It is not strenuous, but this area is known for rattlesnakes, so we urge you to be careful.

Meadow Hot Springs

If you want a simple soaking experience with an impressive view of the mountains, then Meadow Hot Springs may be the one for you.

The shot springs are made up of three pools of crystal clear water that let you see right to the bottom. The pools vary in depth, with the shallower pools measuring around 100 F while the deeper pool measures 120 F.

This spot is simple but so beautiful and a must-see for travelers on a budget. It is worth noting that this spot is clothing optional, so it may not be suitable for children.

Meadow Hot Springs is open year-round and free to use, but it is on private property, so it’s essential that you follow all the rules very carefully. There are no additional amenities, so you must bring your own water and clean up well after yourself when you leave the area.

Crystal Hot Springs

Crystal Hot Springs is a hot spring resort that exudes a feeling of calm and relaxation with a little hint of fun. It is also lauded as having the highest mineral content of any hot spring in the world.

Apart from that, the unique thing about this location is that it is fed by hot and cold mineral springs. So, no matter whether you want a warm soak or a cool swim, you will be able to benefit from the healing mineral water. The hot mineral spring has water temperatures between 120-134 F.

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to how you want to enjoy natural mineral water. For soaking, there is one main soaking pool and three mineral hot tubs that are warm and ideal for relaxing in. There is also an Olympic-sized swimming pool if you want to swim laps.

If you have children, there is a kiddies pool as well as two waterslides for them to enjoy all day long as you relax.

Since it is open year-round, this is another one of those spots that we recommend visiting in the winter because the combination of the steaming pools, hot spring water, and wintery landscape is just sublime.

If you want to stay on-site, there are tent camping and RV sites available to rent.

Inlet Park Hot Springs

Inlet Park Hot Springs, also known as Saratoga Hot Springs, is a wonderful primitive hot spring surrounded by the stunning mountainous landscape of northern Utah.

If you are staying in Salt Lake City, Inlet Park is a great spot that is nearby and offers the perfect escape from the buzz of the city.

These wild hot springs are very popular with the locals for their simple beauty and toasty 109 F water, but they also draw in visitors from far and wide to experience their beauty. 

The hot springs are made up of one main pool with a few smaller pools flowing off from it. The fresh mineral water bubbles up from the muddy bottom and releases minerals that are good for your skin, along with the healing properties of the water itself.

These hot springs are open all year round, but unfortunately, no camping is allowed in the area.

Full List of Utah Hot Springs

Utah may only have a handful of hot springs, but they have a lot of variety. They are scattered along the state from north to south, so wherever you are in the state, there is sure to be some kind of hot spring nearby for you to visit.

Here is a complete list of all the Utah Hot Springs:

Hot SpringLocation in UtahDeveloped or Primitive
Baker Hot SpringsJuabPrimitive
Belmont Hot Springs RV ParkGarlandSemi Developed
Crystal Hot SpringsHoneyvilleDeveloped
Fifth Water Hot Springs (Diamond Fork Hot Springs)SpringvillePrimitive
Homestead Crater Hot SpringsMidwayDeveloped
Inlet Park Hot Springs (Saratoga Hot Springs)Saratoga SpringsPrimitive
Meadow Hot SpringsFillmorePrimitive
Mystic Hot SpringsMonroeDeveloped
Red Hill Hot SpringsMonroePrimitive
Stinking Springs (Old Indian Hot Springs)CorinneDeveloped
Veyo Pool and Crawdad CanyonVeyoDeveloped

Types of Utah Hot Springs

Whether you are looking for a natural hot springs experience or a comfortable resort pamper, Utah’s hot springs have got exactly what you need. With two primitive options, two developed and one semi-developed, this state seems to have all the bases covered.

But what is the difference between a primitive and a developed hot spring? Let’s take a look.


Utah really shines when it comes to primitive hot springs. There are many scattered throughout the state that really shows off the natural beauty that Utah has to offer.

Primitive hot springs are often well sought after because they are less busy and feel more exclusive than a commercial hot spring resort. However, it is likely that these spots are popular with the locals if they are easy to access, so you need to go prepared to share.

The beauty of these hot springs is they are often free to use, so they are great for having a fun experience on a budget. However, this also means that there are no amenities like dustbins and bathrooms, so guests must know how to clean up after themselves in order to use the space.

In Utah, some of the primitive hot springs will be collected in naturally formed pools, but others are directed into man-made pools, so it is easy for guests to enjoy. However, this is the only human intervention involved in these hot springs.

Many primitive hot springs will have campsites nearby, but this is something you need to check before you go, as every area has different rules.


If you want a more polished, comfortable experience, then you may prefer a developed hot spring.

These are either simple facilities set up around the hot springs or full-on resorts that use the hot springs as their main attraction. These spaces are often frequented for their calming atmosphere and the sense of relaxation that they instill in every visitor.

Often, developed hot springs will have accommodation options on-site, from camping and RVs to luxury hotel suites, so you can enjoy the hot springs multiple days in a row. Many resorts will also have spa facilities and other activities that you can enjoy in between your soaks.

Developed hot springs tend to be accessible to more people as they don’t require a hike to get to. This means that little ones and anyone with mobility issues can easily take advantage of the natural mineral water in comfort.

Utah is an unassuming state that we think hot spring enthusiasts need to take notice of. From luxury resorts to waterholes in nature, you are certain to find what you’re looking for in Utah.