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Castle Hot Springs is the ideal spot for those of you looking for an indulgent hot spring experience. 

This exclusive resort has three hot spring pools available for their guests to use on their stunning grounds. This resort stands out for me because of its size and the way it is designed to exude a feeling of peace and relaxation. It’s not a huge sprawling resort, which makes it feel exclusive and not overly crowded, which makes relaxing really easy.

On top of that, the resort is laid out in a very pleasing way, with attractive cabins opening out on the sprawling grounds dotted with palm trees and naturally shaped hot spring pools. I feel like all these factors combine to create a relaxing oasis that any hot spring enthusiast would love.

These hot springs have a great combination of being developed and comfortable but are also located out in nature. Being there feels like you’re in the middle of nowhere, which adds to the feeling of solitude and calm.

The location means that you can lie back in the calming waters of a luxury hot spring while taking in the stunning natural scenery that Arizona is known for.

Hot Spring Pools

Established in 1896, Castle Hot Springs is a popular and exclusive resort with a lot of history. The hot spring pools are only accessible to guests at the hotel, so you will need to go all in for a luxury experience if you want to visit these hot springs.

I find that this policy means that the hot springs are less crowded and more peaceful, which is what a lot of us hot spring enthusiasts are looking for.

There are three pools to choose from that flow from one to the other. This means that the water will get cooler as you move down the pools. The hot mineral water is high in lithium, magnesium, and bicarbonates.

The top pool is the closest to the source, so it is the warmest at 106 F. The second pool is 96 F and is most notable because of the natural environment beside the canyon walls. The third pool is the coolest at 86 F and is surrounded by palm trees to create an intimate spot to soak.

Thank you to Sarah McClure for the video.

Other Amenities

One of the things I love about Castle Hot Springs as a resort is the huge variety of activities available. The hot springs are certainly not the only way to occupy your time while you stay at this desert oasis.

This is everything that you can do at Castle Hot Springs:

  • Adventures courses
  • Wellness courses
  • Mixology 101
  • Farm tour
  • Hiking
  • Yoga and Paddleboard Yoga
  • Meditation
  • E-bike tour
  • Archery
  • UTV tour
  • Lawn games
  • Ax throwing 
  • Horseback riding
  • Spa treatments
  • History tour
  • Resort landscape tour
  • Wine tasting
  • Cruiser bikes

When it comes to food, Castle Hot Springs has two delicious options that go along with its farm-to-table philosophy. Harvest is a fine-dining restaurant with a set five-course tasting menu that boasts some of the best local produce. However, if you want something a little more casual, I recommend trying out Bar 1896 for breakfast and lunch.


Castle Hot Springs is a luxury spa with a lot of variety when it comes to rooms, which means you can find space that suits your style and budget. 

There are three main room types to choose from:

Spring bungalows– These modern bungalows are great for couples as they are very private while being placed in a very beautiful location. Each one has its own Sonoma stone tub filled with natural mineral water so you can soak in total privacy.

Sky View cabins– These luxury cabins are best known for their stunning views of the surrounding desert and mountains. Each one has a wooden deck with a telescope for star gazing and an outdoor mineral water tub.

Historical cottage: If you have a family or you’re staying with friends, then this is the option I would suggest. There are three bedrooms and plenty of social space. It also features a view of the grounds, lodge, and mountains.

Location/How to Get There

The Castle Hot Springs resort is located in Morristown, just north of Phoenix.

Since it is developed, these hot springs are easy to access by car and require no hiking to reach. Guests at the hotel merely need to walk out of the hotel and into the grounds to explore the three pools. This means that this resort is accessible to those with mobility issues.


Address: 5050 N Castle Hot Springs Rd, Morristown, AZ 85342
Phone: (844) 348-1601