Massachusetts Hot Springs

Discover the best hot springs in Massachusetts!

Massachusetts is full of classic New England small towns that are historic and beautiful.

For hot springs enthusiasts, the small town they gravitate towards is Williamstown, where you can find Massachusett’s only hot spring, Sand Springs Pool and Recreation Area.

The hot springs in the United States seem to be more highly concentrated in the middle, and along the country’s west coast, so this spot is a rarity. In fact, it doesn’t even qualify as a hot spring but rather as a warm spring due to the lower temperatures it retains.

Although, when you think of Massachusetts, hot springs are not the first thing that comes to mind, if you are visiting the state already, then we highly recommend adding a trip to the hot springs to your itinerary. They are an excellent way to relax and unwind in a more unique way than lounging on a beach.

In this guide, we are going to get into depth about the only Massachusetts hot spring and what you can expect from a visit there.

Only Hot Spring in Massachusetts

Known for its atmospheric coastlines and beautiful landscapes, this state is often overlooked by those looking for hot springs to visit. However, we urge you to reconsider and see what Massachusetts offers.

While there are no true hot springs in Massachusetts, there is one warm spring. A warm spring is a natural spring that reaches temperatures around 68 F and over.

This warm spring was initially used by the native American Five Nations people in the area for its therapeutic and healing properties. Now, it welcomes visitors from far and wide during the season.

The minerals that are present in natural springs like this come from the water traveling past and through rock and gravel on its way to the earth’s surface. The minerals included in this Massachusetts hot spring are nitrogen, boron, silica, calcium, phosphate, sodium, zinc sulfate, iron, lithium, manganese, potassium, magnesium, fluoride, and chloride.

That’s a lot of goodness in one hot spring! What could be better than spending the day in the warm water of a hot spring while the water is absorbed through your skin, imbibing you with these valuable minerals?

Let’s look at the only Massachusetts hot springs:

Sand Springs Pool and Recreation Center

The only natural hot spring in the Northeast, Sand Springs Pool is a natural gem.

Nestled in northern Berkshire, this spot has welcomed guests commercially for over 250 years! The inn and bathhouse were built in 1907, and as the property has changed hands over the years, more buildings and facilities have been added. Some of the original buildings are still present, however, which gives it an air of historical importance.

In 2008 the Sand Springs pool came very close to closing permanently but was saved by the community who banded together to rescue it. Now the recreation center is run by a nonprofit organization.

But what about the spring itself?

The natural spring water is pumped into a large manmade swimming pool for guests to use. The source of the spring is 2800 ft below the earth’s surface and produces 400 gallons of water per minute. Once the water reaches the pool, it maintains a temperature of 72 F all year round.

The pool is situated in a beautiful location with a pavilion behind it and a grassy verge sitting in front of it where families can spread out picnic blankets and relax between dips in the pool.

The warm mineral springs feature pools of naturally heated water that are open for anyone to use. In fact, this spot has become known as a great place for families with children to come and spend the day.

During the season, you can access the pool with a day pass, but seasonal passes are also available if you really want to take advantage of the spring all season long. The locals get a small discount on admissions when they produce their proof of address in Williamstown.

The hot spring pool is only open from early spring to late fall.

Full List of Massachusetts Hot Springs

Massachusetts only has one hot spring, but it is technically classified as a warm mineral spring. It is such a unique feature that it is not only the only hot spring in Massachusetts but one of the only hot springs in the entirety of New England.

Hot SpringLocation in MassachusettsDeveloped or Primitive
Sand Springs Pool and Recreation CenterWilliamstownDeveloped

Cold Mineral Springs in Massachusetts

While there is only one warm spring in Massachusetts, the state does have a few cold mineral springs that are also worth visiting.

While they aren’t suitable for swimming in most cases, these mineral ponds and lakes are still beautiful locations to visit. They feature stunning trails around them that boast stunning views of the water and treelined landscape.

If you are looking for more options on the west coast, there are six hot springs in the neighboring New York state.

Here are a few of the mineral springs that we recommend you check out:

Bowers Springs

Bowers Spring is the only cold mineral spring where you can swim in Massachusetts. However, swimming is only allowed on Town’s Beach for the visitors at the Tom Denney Nature Camp.

However, this is a stunning spot to go for a walk. Bolton, where Bowers Spring is located, features many wonderful hiking trails, the most beautiful of which circles the spring.

If you are lucky, you may even spot some beavers while you are walking along the shore.

Spring Pond

Formerly known as ‘Mineral pond’ or Mineral Spring, Spring Pond is another beautiful spot for a walk, but, unfortunately, there is no swimming allowed.

Located at the junction between Lynn, Peabody, and Salem, this large mineral pond is a wonderful place to observe on a hike as you take in the forested New England scenery.

Lithia Springs Reservoir

As with the previous springs, this is another mineral spring that doesn’t allow any swimming.

The best way to view the Lithia Springs Reservoir is to take the trail that forms a loop around it. This way, you can have a very scenic look at New England and its natural beauty.

Massachusetts is a wonderful state that has a lot to offer, even hot springs! If you are trying to visit a hot spring, or warm spring in every state, then Sand Springs Pool and Recreation Center will not disappoint.