Virginia Hot Springs

Discover the best hot springs in Virginia!

Virginia is an east coast state with a lot going for it, but unfortunately, there aren’t many hot springs. However, what they do have is something special.

When it comes to types of hot springs, many locations will provide hot tubs or pools in a spa-like setting or swimming pools in a waterpark-type environment. Well, Virginia has them all in one place at their one and only hot spring: Omni Homestead Resort.

What makes a Virginia hot spring experience special is the fact that they are just as enchanting in the summer as they are in the winter. You can visit in the summer and spend the day in the sun or come during the winter and soak while surrounded by a winter wonderland landscape.

In this guide, we are going to explore Virginias’s sole hot springs and whether it is worth the trip to go pay it a visit.

Only Hot Spring in Virginia

If you are looking for a luxury hot spring experience with a lot of variety, then Virginia is the state for you! Hidden in the Blue Ridge Mountains, there is a stunning spot nestled between forested hills that will satisfy your every need!

Although there is only one hot springs location in the state, there are so many types of soaking experiences in one place that you won’t miss having multiple options. Its rarity makes this hot spring a fun and unique activity to try that the whole family can enjoy. 

Apart from the hot springs, the location is historical and surrounded by lush green hills, making Omni Homestead Resort a dream holiday destination.

Let’s look a little more closely at Virginia’s only hot spring:

Omni Homestead Resort

Omni Homestead Resort is a gem in an unassuming state that hot springs enthusiasts love!

When you approach the resort, the first thing you will notice is the stunning location. Situated on 2000 acres of land, the whole resort is surrounded by hills and mountains that turn into a winter wonderland when it snows. The hotel is an imposing red brick building that curves out into two wings to follow the contours of the surrounding landscape.

The resort was initially opened in 1766 and has played host to many famous guests, including presidents. The original building still stands as a historical monument for the town, drawing in a lot of tourism.

As we have mentioned, Omni Homestead has many options for how you want to experience the hot springs, from calming spa experiences to high-speed waterslides!

First, let’s look at Allegheny Springs, which is the resident water park. Named after the Allegheny Mountain Valley, where it resides, this beautiful and fun park is filled with exclusively spring water, so you can benefit from the healing water while you play. The waterpark spans over 2 acres and features two waterslides and a lazy river.

There are a few warm springs pools to choose from, depending on what experience and temperature you’re looking for. The indoor pool was built in 1904 and can be found next to the spa for easy access. The Geothermal Octagon Pool has a temperature of 96 F, while the Infinity Pool is slightly cooler, between 85-92 F.

If you want a really peaceful, calming soak, then we recommend Serenity Garden Pool. This is for 18 and over, situated in a quiet yet beautiful spot. The pool has sun loungers beside it so you can relax in the sun between soaks.

The Intimate natural hot tub is perfect for those who want a more private soak in the warmest (103 F) spring in the resort. All of these pools have their own unique views and gorgeous architecture built around them that oozes the feeling of luxury and calm.

Apart from the hot springs, Omni Homestead also plays host to two of Virginia’s best golf courses, seven different dining options, a fitness center, and a full-service luxury spa to occupy you between soaks.

The best way to enjoy the hot springs is as a guest at the hotel, where they have nearly 500 hotel rooms and suites to choose from. However, there are also guest passes available.

We highly recommend visiting in the winter when it’s snowing, not only because the location is stunning but because you can enjoy ice skating in between dips in the warm hot springs.

Full List of Virginia Hot Springs

Virginia’s only spring is found in a developed resort, so there aren’t any options for primitive hot springs in this state. This means that you will have to pay to use the hot springs and the other resort facilities 

Hot SpringLocation in VirginiaDeveloped or Primitive
Omni Homestead ResortHot SpringsDeveloped

Warm Springs and Hot Springs, Virginia

There are two towns in Virginia that are often confused with one another: Warm Springs and Hot Springs.

It’s not just their names that make them easy to confuse; it’s also how they got their names and the fact that they are so close together.

Warm Springs is a town in Western Virginia that is named after the warm springs that used to be in the area. Up until 2018, visitors were drawn to this little town because of Jefferson Pools, where you could enjoy soaking in the warm mineral water. Unfortunately, the spot has been abandoned and left to fall into disrepair.

However, just ten minutes north of Warm Springs is a town called Hot Springs, where you can find the only hot spring in Virginia. There are many towns called Hot Springs in the United States because of the prevalence of communities to grow around natural mineral hot springs.

There are said to be a few primitive hot springs hidden in the Virginia wilderness, but they aren’t mapped and named.

Virginia is often overlooked when it comes to an indulgent holiday experience. However, we hope that, after reading all about Virginia’s hot springs, you consider adding this state to your travel list so you can experience them for yourself.