Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River, Florida

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Three Sisters Springs Closure Update

Three Sisters Springs is currently closed for essential canal shoreline repairs. The intention? Safety first – for visitors and nature enthusiasts alike.

Reopening Date: November 15, 2023. We’ll be back in action soon!

Figure 1: The current work covers the area from the mouth of the spring run to Idiot’s Delight Spring (Source: Stantec Consulting Services Inc, June 2021).

Why the Repairs? Erosion, caused by years of manatee and human activity, has compromised the canal shoreline. The result? Sediments clouding the waters and trees collapsing (see Figure 2, April 2021, Credit: Robin Speidel, SWFWMD).

Project Highlights:

  • The restoration will stabilize the shoreline, especially near Idiot’s Delight.
  • A greener, better environment with the introduction of native wetland plants.

Who’s Involved? This effort is a collaboration between the District, the City of Crystal River, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Timeline: No construction during Manatee Season (November 15 to April 1). Work commenced in April 2023 and wraps up by November 15, 2023.

Hang tight, explorers! Three Sisters Springs will be ready for adventures again soon. 🌊🌿🚧

If you’re scouting for a tranquil yet exciting getaway, Three Sisters Springs, located on the scenic Crystal River, should top your list.

A Splash into the Springs’ History

Nestled on the east side of Kings Bay, Three Sisters Springs isn’t just any regular spot. It’s an inlet housing three mesmerizing natural springs, each with their unique vents and sand boils.

The springs aren’t just famed for their beauty; they’re a haven for the adorable and gentle manatees. No wonder it’s considered one of Florida’s best spots to swim alongside these aquatic giants.

But these springs aren’t just about fun; they carry historical significance. Officially designated as a wildlife refuge in 2010, the 58-acre area around Three Sisters Springs remains as one of the last urban springs in the state, lush with local flora.

Dip into The Divine Waters

Now, if you’re worried about the chilly waters, let me put your mind at ease. T

he springs maintain a steady temperature of 73.3℉ throughout the year, welcoming swimmers anytime.

However, to protect the manatees, remember that from November 15 to March 31, paddling crafts aren’t allowed.

If you’re thinking of sailing up, you can take a motorboat or paddleboat to the spring’s entrance. But here’s a pro-tip: motorized vessels are a no-no inside. So, don your favorite swimwear and swim the picturesque waterways between sunrise and sunset.

But, keep an eye on the mercury; if temperatures plummet below 62.2℉, the US Fish & Wildlife Services might play party pooper and shut the area.

Thank you to Explorcation for the video.

Getting There

Wondering how to hop into these sparkling waters? Simple. Just head to the kayak launches at King’s Bay Park or Hunter Springs Park, but remember, you’ll need to pay for in-water fun.

Strolling enthusiasts, there’s a treat for you too! The Boardwalk at Three Sisters Springs is a part of the larger Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge.

It promises some eye-popping wildlife viewing points across the springs, wetlands, Magnolia Springs, and the picturesque Crystal Lake. While you’re there, don’t forget to explore the hiking and biking trails that give you an entirely different perspective of the refuge.

Just remember, exploration comes at a price, as there’s an entry fee.

Wildlife Wonders

Visiting between mid-November and March end? Perfect timing! You’ll be treated to sights of manatees frolicking in the high tide, especially during cold fronts. But it’s not just about manatees.

Stay alert, and you might spot some snakes and even an alligator or two.

They might not be as cuddly as the manatees, but hey, it’s their home! So, give them space and admire from a distance.

Where to Camp?

After a fun-filled day, if you’re wondering where to pitch your tent, well, you can’t do it on-site.

But don’t worry, the nearby Crystal Isles RV Resort offers plenty of cozy accommodations. So, whether you’re into RVs, tents, cabins, or even yurts, they’ve got you covered.

Did You Know?

Three Sisters Springs isn’t just a popular tourist spot; it’s a sanctuary for the endangered Florida Manatee. It’s a part of the Crystal River National Wildlife Refuge, the nation’s sole refuge specifically created for their protection.

So, whether you’re diving into the azure waters, admiring the manatees, or just soaking in the serenity, Three Sisters Springs promises a refreshing experience. And who knows? As you float in the clear waters, you might just discover the magic that binds the three sisters together.

Before you head out, grab your tickets from the Three Sisters Springs Center behind the courthouse at 2nd Avenue and U.S. 19. If you’re biking or hiking, you can also grab your tickets at the spring property’s gate. Oh, and don’t forget to explore the nature trails and check out the museum or visitor center!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can you swim in Three Sisters Springs?

Yes, you can swim in Three Sisters Springs. However, there are certain restrictions, especially during manatee season. From November 15 to March 31, to protect the manatees, paddle crafts and human swimmers may have limited access or may not be permitted in the springs at all.

How do I get to Three Sisters Springs?

To access Three Sisters Springs:

  • The City of Crystal River manages land side access to Three Sisters Springs.
  • They operate a Three Sisters Springs Center behind the courthouse at 2nd Avenue and U.S. 19. Here, you can purchase tickets to access the springs property.
  • A complimentary trolley bus is provided for transportation to the springs from this center. The trolley also stops at several other points of interest.
  • If you prefer hiking or biking, you can purchase admission tickets directly at the gate of the spring property.

How far is three sister springs from Orlando?

Three Sisters Springs in Crystal River is approximately 90 miles or about a 1.5 to 2-hour drive northwest of Orlando, depending on where you’re coming from of course!


Address: 601 Three Sisters Springs Trail, Crystal River, FL 34429, United States
Phone: (352) 586-1170