Is Hot Spring Water Safe to Drink? [Must Read!]

Marinating in hot spring water has so many physical benefits, as well as being incredibly calming.

But, since it is water, after all, this has led me to wonder; if it’s so beneficial to bathe in, what about drinking it? Is hot spring water safe to drink?

Hot spring water is entirely safe to drink and has numerous health benefits.

Since hot spring water is so chockful of minerals, it is always good to check whether it is safe to drink before you chug it down.

This article is going to explore whether or not you can drink hot spring water and the benefits that it can bring.

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Is Hot Spring Water Safe to Drink?

Hot spring water is totally safe to drink.

However, and hopefully, this goes without saying, I don’t recommend drinking the water from the hot spring where you are soaking. This water has had many other people in it and has probably been treated with chemicals, so it is not the best idea.

If you are at a developed hot spring, the water available in the taps and any shops should be sourced from the hot spring.

There are many hot springs that have specific filling stations where you can go to fill up your own jugs with delicious spring water. It will also be available in the taps in the facilities around the hot spring.

The water that is pumped out comes straight from the source and is untreated. It may not be hot when you dispense it, but it is 100% spring water that has cooled during extraction.

Not only is hot spring water safe, it actually has a variety of health benefits due to its mineral content; let’s take a look at these benefits in more detail.

 What Are the Benefits of Drinking

Regular tap water and bottled water are all treated with chemicals, so it is stripped of many minerals. Hot spring water, however, is pumped straight from the source and dispensed on-site so it doesn’t lose any goodness along the way.

The benefits of hot spring water come down to the minerals that are present in it.

Here is a rundown of all the minerals present and what they do:

  • Silica- Good for your skin and hair health as well as smoothing roughened skin
  • Boron- Helps promote grain and health function
  • Potassium- Promotes heart and kidney health
  • Calcium- Effective for your general health but your bones and teeth
  • Manganese- Promotes healthy bone growth
  • Iron- Boosts disease resistance and general blood health
  • Sodium- This is an electrolyte that is essential for enzyme, nerve, and muscle function.
  • Nitrogen- Good for skin, hair, and nails
  • Sulfate- This is an effective pain reliever that is also good for your hair, skin, and nails
  • Chloride- Regulates blood pressure and blood pH
  • Zinc- improves the immune system and digestive health
  • Lithium- Natural mood elevator
  • Phosphate- Helps with energy storage and metabolism
  • Magnesium- Raises energy levels
  • Fluoride- Promotes healthy bones and teeth

So, from this extensive list, you can see that chugging down a bottle of hot spring water is actually massive beneficial rather than purely hydrating. Whenever you visit a hot spring, I highly recommend taking advantage of this wonderful water and taking some away with you.

Hot Spring Hunt Fact: The act of drinking water from a hot spring is known as ‘insen’ in Japanese.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should avoid hot springs?

Hot springs are open to anyone, but you might want to avoid them for a few reasons.

If you are pregnant, I recommend consulting your doctor before using a hot spring, as they make exceed safe temperatures for your condition. If you suffer from a heart condition, high blood pressure, or have any open wounds, then you should avoid hot springs as they can be dangerous for your health.

Do hot springs detox you?

The human body doesn’t require outside detoxing to regulate its system, which is built into our natural makeup. However, one area that can benefit from a detox is your skin.

The mineral-rich water, along with its high concentration of silica, can treat and detox your skin and treat more severe conditions like eczema, acne, and psoriasis.


Hot spring water is not just for soaking in; it turns out it’s also great for drinking!

TLDR, hot spring water is totally safe to drink and has many health benefits in comparison with regular tap water.

So, the next time you plan to visit a hot spring, why not throw a few jugs in the car and fill them up with fresh hot spring water?

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